SkinCeuticals - Face Cream


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Gain back what your skin has lost over the years with SkinCeuticals Face Cream. It is a highly moisturizing, yet light cream that renews the look of mature, aging skin by replenishing lost hydration, restoring lost collagen, and protecting from free-radical damage through the use of botanical oils and extracts.

  • address the visible signs of aging and moisture loss in mature skin
  • corrective facial moisturizer has a botanical formula that works to improve the three factors of aging in mature skin, including moisture loss, collagen breakdown and free radical damage
  • lightweight formula to helps correct the visible signs of age-related skin damage, firming the complexion and replenishing lost moisture
  • Formulated for dry and mature skin
  • stimulate collagen to firm skin
  • Vitamin E hydrates, powerful antioxidant protection
  • fight free radicals and protect against signs of aging


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